Let's grow, together.



BFF Getway

$2500 total

Thats right. This mentorship is for you + your BFF + your about-to-be BFF (me). We will get away together, shoot together and grow together. The location is up to you guys, but I am up to take a trip as near to you or me as it needs to be. Im also 100% down to fly to our destination (think PNW, Colorado or somewhere warm, like Tulum) !

Over the course of the getaway, I will have several styled shoots set up for us. I will also share all of my secrets on how I’ve booked sessions when traveling.

I will book our stay and handle all the deets. All you have to do is show up ready to learn. It will feel like a mini workshop thats completely intimate and tailored to your needs!


1-on-1 Mentorship

Arkansas Elopement Photographer

This is perfect for Arkansas locals and beyond! We will meet up for coffee to get to know each other to find out what type of experience you are wanting. We can also meet and chat over Skype if you are out of town.

On the day of your mentorship you can expect:

  • Coffee shop date, where I spill the beans on everything I do from start to finish. From attracting + booking my fabulous clients, to shooting, to the final delivery of images + blogging + getting featured.
  • We will have a styled shoot where you can watch me shoot. I always recommend taking some notes and writing down questions! Then you take over and get to shoot for your own portfolio. I will find the models for us, and it can be a couple, family, mother + child or even a styled elopement– it just depends on what type of portfolio you are wanting!
  • We will break for dinner or lunch to chat about how the styled shoot went + celebrate!
  • Before the day is over, we will pull our computers back out to take a look at your images + go over editing techniques, workflow and any final topics you want covered.

The schedule doesn’t have to be exactly in that order– its whatever will flow best with what we have planned!

1-on-1 mentorships are typically 6 hours, but can be a little more or less depending on how the day goes.


Skype or Coffee Mentorship


This 1-2 hour Skype or coffee mentorship will be custom designed to be whatever you want it to be. I’m not going to hold anything back, so feel free to ask me absolutely anything.

Sessions are definitely not limited to these things, but here are a few ideas to let you know what we could go over.

  • workflow
  • editing
  • GIF making
  • website and blogging
  • pricing and contracts
  • how to book your dream clients
  • how to start a photo business


Have questions? You can also contact us directly.


I am so excited for you and to meet you! Reach out and you will hear back within 24 hours!

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