Ethan and Shelby are two of the most sweet spirited people I have come to meet. I had taken family pictures of them late last year, and when I had posted on Facebook to see if any madly in love married couples wanted to hop back in their wedding attire and go exploring with me, Shelby was the first to volunteer! I was thrilled about it, because they had been so sweet and fun to shoot the first time I met them.

They got married June 30th of 2017 at the Kindred Barn, which is a gorgeous venue btw. They had that newly wed glow throughout the whole shoot, and I kept hearing them whisper “I love you” back and forth to each other. I was dying, because it was so cute, and their cuddles came so naturally.

Ethan loves music, Shelby love kiddos. and together they both love the Lord a whole lot. Which was completely evident by the way. They both also share my love for the outdoors, so they were totally on board to explore Devils Den with me. Fun fact: their favorite place in the entire world in Vancouver! Anyways, these two had my husband and I laughing the whole time between quoting Neature Walks and The Office (The Office is basically the way to my heart) and I cant wait to get them back in front of my camera again!