Dogwood Preset Bundle


The absolute perfect preset bundle that ensures that both your professional and personal photos look beautiful and consistent!

This bundle includes:

-For Lightroom + Adobe Camera Raw
8 Color Presets
2 Black and White Presets
6 Adjustment presets that add or remove grain, dehaze, or soften an image.
14 Brushes to make adjustments over individual areas of a photo.

-For Lightroom Mobile
6 Color Presets
2 Black and White Presets

-A guide to help you through them all is included in your purchase!

Make them your own in just 3 easy steps!

  1. Apply your preset of choice.
  2. Adjust your exposure to fit your vibe.
  3. Adjust your white balance and tint.


Lightroom, ACR and Lightroom Mobile Presets
By The Dogwood Collective


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